The cost of sponsoring a child is an estimated amount that would cover the expenses of the program materials, reward items, and a special end of the year memento to celebrate all their hard work. While we will try to maintain an average cost for sponsorship, the amount may change according to the number of students involved in the program.

Sponsorship levels are as follows:

To make a donation to the general Read to Roo fund or sponsor a child, please follow one of these steps:

Donation or Sponsorship by Check or Cash

Online Donation or Sponsorship

  1. Please visit
  2. On the drop down menu, please select "R.E.A.D. Programs" for your donation type.
  3. Select the amount you wish to donate from the predetermined amounts or select "other amount" to indicate the specific amount of your donation/sponsorship.
  4. Fill out the subtotal box accordingly
  5. Please select if you would like your donation to recur
  6. Indicate if your employer would like to match your donation, and if so, the company name
  7. Fill out the donor gift name box and the tribute box, if applicable
  8. *Please indicate "Other" in the how did you hear about us drop down box.
  9. *In the blank provided, please indicate "For Read to Roo Program"
  10. Select Continue and you will be prompted with instructions to finish your donation process.

Phone Donation or Sponsorship

  1. Contact Intermountain Therapy Animals, founders of Reading Education Assistance Dogs, at their main branch phone number: 801-272-3439
  2. Please indicate to ITA that you wish to make a donation, or follow the prompts to make a donation.
  3. *Make sure that you inform them that this is for a local R.E.A.D. branch, Read to Roo.

    *These steps highlighted are crucial in making sure the funds are directed back to our local program. Please make sure you follow them so that our local schools benefit from your generous donation!

While we appreciate any support you can give to the children in the Read to Roo program, making a tax deductible monetary donation is not the only way you can lend a hand. The Read to Roo program would benefit from the donation of any of the following items:

Please note that we are unable to provide tax deduction donation receipts for items donated, as the slips are only available for monetary donations and sponsorships. Please contact Tina at for more details about monetary donations or sponsorships and donation of items for the program. Once again, thank you for taking an interest in the Read to Roo program and for supporting the children in our local school!