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You want to know a little more about me? Gosh, I'm flattered! Let me see, what can I tell you about myself. Hmmm...

I was born on February 20th, 2006 in a place called Englewood, Tennessee. That's over 500 miles away from where I live now. Wow! I came from a big family with 7 brothers and sisters. We are all collies.

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Rooney Treat your furry friend like a real member of the family! Keep them safe from harm, groom them regularly and give them the vet care they need.

More About Roo

Some of us were smooth coated (like me) and some of us were rough coated. Rough coats look like that famous tv dog, Lassie. That is a great coat style, but I really like mine short! My mother is a beautiful blue merle with the prettiest coat you'd ever see. My father is a big, tall, strapping fellow who looks an awful lot like me! I had a wonderful start at life there on the farm and before I knew it, I was on my way to Ohio to start a new life with a new family.

Roo as a puppy

My new family is made up of three humans, four furry siblings and eleven feathered ones! My mom and dad are really nice and love me so much. They take really good care of me and have taught me right from wrong. They make sure I'm well fed, healthy and happy as can be. I couldn't have gotten any better folks! My mom also makes sure that I am always learning new things. I've gotten to do some great learning with her and also with Toledo Dog Training to prepare for my therapy dog visits. I've had so much fun that is hasn't seemed like work at all! Mom even taught me some sign language so that anyone, even if they have a disability with hearing, can communicate with me. Isn't that neat? I'm up to thirty some signs that I know and I am learning new ones all the time!

The third human in the house is my best friend in the world, Meredith. She is like a sister to me and she loves me to pieces! Meredith helps take care of me, exercises with me and plays with me. We like to cuddle up on blankets together and she even lets me share her bean bag chair! How lucky am I?! Meredith is my best R.E.A.D. buddy and we are the ones who really got my mom interested in the program to begin with. She's so nice to share me with the other kids and I am so happy she loves reading as much as I do!

My furry siblings are my pals and we love playing around together! My big sister is Hershey, a chocolate labrador retriever. She likes to play tug of war with me and race around the yard. My little sister is Violet, a Yorkshire Terrier/Westie mix. She is the comedian of the group and just a little bundle of energy who likes to zip around the house and share stuffed toys with me. Then there are the smaller animals; Mac the black cat and Mama Kitty the black and white cat. Mac is full of mischief and he and I get along just great! He loves to romp around just like I do. Mama is very sweet and quiet. Roo watching chickens She likes to snuggle up with me at night on my dog bed. We also have eleven chickens at our house that we raised from day old babies. Tina say's they are for eggs and 4-H, but I secretly think they are there to keep tabs on me when I'm outside. They are always up on perches in their run, watching me, speaking some strange language I haven't figured out yet. But I'm on to their game and now I'm watching them too!

Roo in front of a bookshelf

I live in the country and really enjoy being outside. With all the sounds, smells and sights to see, I'm always finding new things to explore! Being active is important to me. I need to get good exercise, not only to keep me at a healthy weight but also to keep my leg strong. You see, I have what my mom calls a "lucky foot". My front left foot only has three toes on it because the inside two toes fused together when I was a puppy. It causes me to walk a little differently and my foot to look a little strange, but I'm just fine the way I am. I like being different! That difference is what got me to my mom and what caused me to be here, living this life I am right now. Pretty "lucky" for a foot, right?

I love to learn and my work with Pet Partners (formerly known as Delta Society) and R.E.A.D. are helping to keep me busy. Visiting with people and helping them to build confidence and self esteem is a great feeling. Meeting new people is wonderful and I really like all the new friends I make. If there is someone you would like me to visit with, make sure you let my mom know. I love making new friends and would love to meet a new buddy who can share smiles with me!

Well, thanks for stopping by! Don't forget to check out the rest of the website and learn some more about the programs I have mentioned. Click on some of the great links to fun educational sites and new ways to help the little readers in your life! If you have any questions, write my mom and I an email and we'll be glad to answer them. Have a Grrrreat Day!

Likes & Dislikes:

  • Name: Rooney
  • Nickname: Roo, Bubba
  • Favorite Color: Red or Green
  • Favorite Number: 3, the number of toes on my lucky foot!
  • Favorite Animal: I like cats. Sometimes I rub on people like a kitty!
  • Least Favorite Animal: Bees. They are scary and buzz in my face.
  • Favorite Food: Vegetables, Chewy Treats
  • Least Favorite Food: Grapes, Raisins, Onions, Nuts, and Chocolate. It's all very bad for dogs!
  • Favorite Music: I love to dance to all kinds of music!
  • Favorite Book: It's a tough one, as I love all books. I'd have to say "Go, Dog, Go!" is top of the pack!
  • Favorite Movie: Marmaduke
  • Favorite TV Show: Martha Speaks, Between the Lions or anything on Animal Planet
  • Favorite Season of the Year: Fall. Crunchy leaf piles are fun!
  • Favorite Day of the Week: Monday. The week still holds so many surprises!
  • Favorite Sport: Soccer. I love chasing after Meredith while she plays!
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